Monday, October 23, 2006

My Song

It's about my bed time--I start work at 5am tomorrow. Dennis will be home in an hour and a half--I've missed him all day. I'm starting to realize that this is temporary, and I can accept the stituation and make something work through it.

We're studying 1Thessalonians with some friends. The chapter we analyzed was the fourth one where, for me at least, a main theme of sanctification was prominent. My question was, how does one go through this process? My correlating verses on the subject took me to John 17:17, where Jesus prays, "Sanctify them in truth. Thy word is truth." So, my application came to spending time in the Scriptures, not only to gain more head knowledge but to live in it and let it live in me.

It's like having a favorite song that really says it all to you. Couples pick a song that is "our song". Everytime they hear it, not only does it bring back old memories of good times, it kind of defines who they are. Or, what they hope their relationship can be. It's their song because not only do they believe in it, and know it, but in so many ways, they've lived it and hope to continue to live it. And on a very simple level, the Bible is like that sometimes to me, by the grace of God. Of course, it's more than that. I really believe that God's power through the Holy Spirit strengthens God's word in our hearts. And how that happens, I can't say. But I know that it's real.

The fourth chapter also deals with confining our sexual conduct within the bounds that God established. That this isn't even the church's idea but God's will. The strongest language in the New Testament addressing the subject is in the verses from 1-12 in this chapter.

The main truth I get from this passage is that the way we view sex is affected by the way we view God. The higher my esteem of God, the more holy and pure He is to me, the higher my esteem of sex is. And the more I protect that area of my life, the more freedom I have to really enjoy my relationship with my husband. And the more I desire to respect sexual boundaries with other people. That the best way to enjoy life is having moral lines drawn about what is proper and right and what isn't. Sex is not a game. It is joyful, it is pleasure, but it is seriously needful of protection and honor.

This is my fourth verse by verse analysis of 1 Thessalonians. And looking back, I never appreciated this particular passage like I do now. I took the these truths seriously, as always, but they speak to me like never before.

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