Friday, October 20, 2006

Working Through It

The last few days have been good, despite the negative emotions sometimes. A few friends have come over, and we're having a progressive dinner for international students this weekend. Dennis and I are walking in the Breast Cancer Awareness walk Saturday morning. And I have nursery duty this Sunday. Lisa has an educators conference in town and is staying with us over the weekend.

More importantly, Dennis and I discussed where we are at and where we need to go. We have a lot of the same kinds of feelings and thoughts. We helped each other with what is blocking our perceptions. We agree on a lot of things, and disagree on a couple of things. We want some time off together. It won't happen until after the holidays, I think.

I've also looked over what is happening with my spiritual life. I really need to pray more. Someone once said that prayer is not a monologue, but actually a dialogue. I feel I haven't spent enough time listening to God. In the book "Hearing God" Dallas Willard quotes Lily Tomlin in that when people talk to God, it's called prayer, then why when people hear God, it's called Schizophrenia?

Hmmm. Why is that?

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