Friday, November 10, 2006

Thankfulness List

It's been awhile--a lot has been going on at work.

It's time for the thankfulness list

  • Bob Dylan concert. I was further away from the stage, but it was a great time just hearing the music and doing something special with my husband. He sang well, and included some songs from "Modern Times".
  • Pictures of my new niece, I can't wait to go see her!
  • Carpet cleaners coming tomorrow.
  • Jerry coming over to help my husband with cleaning the eaves and for dinner.
  • Made shrimp and spinach pasta tonight--first time I've cooked for awhile.
  • Brown sugar and fig lotion from Bath and Body works.
  • Bath and Body Works coupon.
  • Note of appreciation from a partner at work.
  • James taking some of my hours so I could go home early today.
  • The grace of God.

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