Monday, March 19, 2007

Eating Well--Progress Report

My doctor and I discussed the recent lab results on my blood glucose and lipids this morning. A lot of good news, plus additional weight loss from the last time we met in January. My blood glucose levels are now in the normal range, and my triglycerides (fatty acids) are way down. She said that this shows that I've made consistent improvement on my diet. I'm elated on one hand, that self-discipline is paying off. On the other, it doesn't seem to be enough. My hdl/ldl levels are still the same, although the ldl reading dropped a little, which is good. That information, coupled with my other results, told us that I need more than diet changes.

My blood pressure dropped on my last visit, but it was high again today. So, I have a new low dose prescription for controlling that and it has the added benefit of helping my kidneys. My doctor detected a heart murmur, so I have an electrocardial test scheduled. My mom had several heart and kidney problems, so I am taking this rather seriously.

So, I am encouraged and a little scared. A part of me wonders if they are sure that these lab results are really mine. Was there a mix up with some test tubes? The lab techs seem like pretty competent people, and they are getting to know me, so it couldn't be that. This is really happening.

I'm also surprised at how much I do care. I put health on the back burner so long these last few years, not because I didn't care, but mostly because I felt discouraged with all the hard work involved. And I am right, it is hard work, however it is hard work that I can do and get results from. I am usually surprised that I actually have progress. But from now on, results are going to be a normal expectation.

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