Monday, March 12, 2007

More Than Bread Alone

Salmon Salad from last Summer

Just got back from grocery shopping. I used a list, but somehow I ended up with more than what was on it. Thankfully, the additions are healthy ones, I'm planning on having a few co-workers over for lunch (cold kim chee noodle salad, Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, fruit for dessert). The check out girl complimented me on my healthy choices and we got to talking about losing weight. She lost 100 pounds, she looks like she's never weighed over 100. She says a lot of it was eating right and working out regularly at the gym.

Speaking of shopping lists, there's a cool website to check out: . There is also a blog about shopping, great foodie links and cookbook reveiws.

I've lost 5 more pounds, which makes it 25 total since November. I'm feeling the difference as I'm moving about and by the looseness of my clothes. But I don't see any difference in my appearence at all. Swimming is still my favorite form of exercise--I'm starting to push my heart rate a little harder as well. I could swim for miles, just cruising at a comfortable pace without stopping these days, but that won't help me acheive what I'm looking for--more muscle which will increase my metabolic rate.

Dinner last night was Buckwheat blueberry pancakes. This morning we were out of cereal, so I ate ricotta cheese, tomato wedges and a tablespoon of olive oil. Lunch was at Wendy's--a chicken frescetta sandwich. Tonight, I had take out sushi and Pomi pomegranate lychee green tea for dinner.

I've planned the menu for the next week: white bean and kale soup;chickpea salad;tomato, cucumber and goat cheese spinach salad; sweet potato, black bean and chipotle stew; couscous salad; sushi hand rolls (the nori is shaped like a wide cone); pasta with albacore tuna and tomato sauce. Breakfast will be mostly oatmeal or raisen bran. Lunches will be mostly veggie burgers, without the bun.

My favorite sushi is the masago roll: rice with cucumber, avocado, crab and flying fish egg. The egg is brilliant orange and has a wonderful pop when you bite it.

When I was in college, I lived in a dorm most of the time. The dining hall was my least favorite place. If it wasn't for my friends, I would've chosen never to go. I had a few rules: never have seconds, eat most of my meal from the salad bar and rarely have dessert. I would have a cookie once in a while, but not often--I chose fruit most of the time to take back to my room as a snack while studying. Sometimes, I'd sneak that precious apple into the library. And going out to eat was a luxury, even if it was pizza. Driving also was a luxury. When I decided for some weird reason to go on a diet, I was borderline anorexic about it. If it wasn't for a few friends who noticed that and confronted me about it, I would have definately had an eating disorder.

After graduating from college, I had a commuter lifestyle in Seattle and started to gain pounds also due to the fact that I delved into comfort food to deal with the stress of making a living on my own. I was crazy about cookie baking. When I lost the recipe, I didn't try too hard to look for it. After marriage, I began a downward spiral of medicating a depression with food. I began walking a couple a miles a day or bike, but again, I wasn't pushing that heart rate very much. When we moved to Georgia, I started to see the light that I needed to challenge myself a lot more. I dropped about 45 pounds. While in Denver, I was fine, not dropping any more weight, however even though I was not gaining. After we moved to Michigan, it began to creep up again until my doctor told me that things had to start turning around.

I know that I need to be more conscious about my food choices. It may cost me more now, but rather pay now with my food bill than later with medical complications. I've always known that I need to get a lot of fiber, but it happened occasionally not regularly. And vice versa with the ice cream, my ultimate in comfort food. I've forgotten what it tastes like.

Which brings me around to "Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God." Matt. 4:4 Bread takes up a lot of my time--buying it, cooking it, serving it and washing up after it's consumed. I'm convicted by this verse that I do not always give this much attention to what feeds my soul.

I may be cutting back on calories for my physical self, but I need to start dining more spiritually. I can never gain too much weight there. So, in this way, I'm encouraged. Hopefully, the obedience to eat responsibly will be a part of my spiritual life as well.

My Favorite--Blackberries

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