Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Memorable Coffee

I've started to drink coffee. Not sip a quarter cup for an hour every morning like I have for the last 20 years. I actually am drinking it, about two mugs full throughout the day. At work, a coffee shop of all places, I usually bring in a V-8 to have with my sack lunch, or drink water or herbal iced tea. I do like coffee. Even with all the choices of lattes and cappuccinos and frappuccinos, straight coffee is still my top choice.

But not too much of it. I drink it for its taste not for its caffeine boost.

Until lately. I've started working the closing shifts, and I found that drinking coffee at home gets me through the day until I head to work. I need it to have the energy to get anything of value done--quiet times, reading times, work out times and cooking times--without falling asleep.

Favorite coffee at this point is Casi Cielo. It means "almost heaven". We have run out of it in our store, and it is sold seasonally. I have to wait until next year. Chefs needed a versatile coffee at Seattle's Canlis Restaurant, so this is what they came up with. You can drink it with just about anything and have a perfect complement due to it's complexity. I like the fact that this Guatemalan has floral and lemony features, but also a rich chocolate like depth to it--few things in life are that elegant but adaptable. I once met the owners of Canlis' restaurant at a dessert hosted in someone's home to get to know Ruth Knutsen, a missionary in Kenya for the Navigators. So, the coffee reminds me of God, Ruth had a lot to share about experiencing God's love as she lived with the Kenyans. A memorable coffee brings to mind memorable people.

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