Friday, March 02, 2007

Summer Days

When it seems like winter never ends, I like to reminisce about warmer weather.

Dennis' favorite hangout: our back deck. I sure miss those green trees.

The white-tailed deer that came to visit every so often. I wonder if they made it through hunting season last fall?
A neighbor who just popped in for lunch on our deck.

Eating "Sideways"--just like the movie.
I sure miss those flowers in our front yard...
And the green grass...
Jerry Kim, an International Business student who meets with Dennis and stays with us sometimes. He loved our back deck.
I sure miss that red umbrella.

Biking at Hawk Island with Bob and Donna.

Bob and Donna.

Yep, really need to do this more often.

The Origami craft table at the Spartan International Student Fellowship Asian Night at our University Reformed Church last year.

Keiko and Kayo showing us how to fold origami paper.

Here are photos from last summer at a farewell BBQ at Peter's and Jason's loft for our partner Amy "Racey". Amy is now a shift supervisor in Grand Rapids.

Valentine and me--we should get out more often.
Amy, Aimee and Aimee's awestruck son, Damien. I wonder why? Colin, Amy and Val; who will keep these guys in line after she leaves?
Aimee and her son, Damien--Mommy tip # 205: a cracker in each hand keeps the little guy out of trouble.

Colin and Dennis; I would love to put in a funny caption, but the picture is funny enough on its own. The photographer was going for a candid shot, she needs to get her timing right.

Amy and Nikki--the smart blondes

Peter is in the red shirt with his boyfriend, Jason--thanks for your hospitality, guys!

"Racey" and her boyfriend, Scott.

After awhile, I see pictures of sunny beaches or flowers and try to remember what it was like. Good thing I took pictures, it should get me through the next three months.

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