Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Swimming, Part Deux

I went swimming for an hour on Sunday, found that my goal of continuously swimming freestyle is slowly being acheived. Baby steps. Or should I say, baby strokes. I'm still pausing at the end of each length, but the pause is getting shorter since I catch my breath sooner. It means, I'm finally getting into cardiac shape. One of the pools in Lansing is offering stroke improvement swimming lessons, and I am considering it. I did sign up for free classes at the YMCA, one for cardio/strength workouts on Mon and Wed; one for interval training on Thurs; and one on Sat for a power workout on lifting weights, using those big rubber balls, elastic bands and medicine balls. I know that I'm up for it. I went for a walk yesterday and found that I could keep walking around Hawk Island twice. That's three miles in an hour.

Today, Den and I walked around the Island once. It was a leisurely walk and talk. We held hands. We reminisced about the days when we were engaged and spent our time in the park making out. We sat on a bench, snuggled a little in the warm sunshine and just enjoyed each other's company. We watched the Canadian snow geese, now traveling in pairs, and speculated how many goslings would be hatching in a month. Tomorrow if the weather holds, we'll have a breakfast picnic, bring our bibles for a quiet time and a blanket. Maybe even relive those engagement park visits. Ahhh, spring fever...

We're going to the gym in an hour. Dennis is playing racquet ball with a co-worker, a guy who is a manager in the contractor and sales department. I'll do a few laps. I've lost weight, so my swimsuits are getting a little looser. I love it.

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