Monday, April 09, 2007

Back in the Groove

It is April, isn't it?
Ain't talkin' today. That kind of day. I didn't get any sleep last night until about 4am. But I have an hour and forty-five minutes to get ready for work. That's an hour and forty-five minutes of getting myself psyched up and ready for action after a relatively lazy weekend.
Easter Sunday was great, though. I helped Keiko, Chirahito and Maria in the Nursery--three baby boys who all were dressed up in little khaki's and navy blue vests--cute! I sat with Shawna and Aaron and Alice for the church service. I made an amazing roast beef dinner and dyed eggs, finished my book "From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya" and watched "Wind in the Willows" on PBS' Masterpiece Theater with Dennis when he got home. He's been sick with a cold lately, so it was nice to cuddle on the sofa with the afghan together.
I also ate chocolate. It was great. Maybe it was the guilt that kept me up. Did not want to check blood sugar.
Well, enough talkin'.

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