Saturday, April 14, 2007

Call Me Cleopatra...

...Because I am Queen of De-Nile....

Today was my two hour core training class at the YMCA. If you don't know (like I didn't before I signed up for this class), the core is the center gravity of your body--from where you balance yourself from and from where you have the most weight and strength. For women, it is in the abdomen and hip area. For men, it is in their chest area.

I just signed up because my schedule is free at 7am in the morning (even though I get home from work the night before at midnight) until 9am. And because the course description included using balance ball, medicine ball, elastic bands, all what sounded like fun to me and would keep me interested. And you know, I was right. We got to stack up benches, got to make up our own barbell, use three different sizes of free weights (brightly colored for us ladies), it felt like I got to play with toys. Every five minutes, we were switching from one piece of equipement to another.

Some of the ladies I recognized from swimming and from the women's locker room, all of whom who were encouraging me. I was clearly the oldest and the largest lady there. But, I stayed all through the two hours, and I did work out hard. My instructor, Jan, was surprised that I finished the workout and that I did everything she led the class through, especially since it was my first time. Jan also recognized me from swimming at the pool almost every day.

I enjoyed every aspect of Jan's class. Except for the huge mirror we had in front of us. You know, the kind that takes up the whole side of the wall for the dancers to check their form in their reflection. My reflection pretty much encouraged me that I was doing the right thing this morning, and I could use a lot more mornings like this one. Really can't hide behind any excuses or defensive mechanisms.
  • I surprised myself.
  • I do look a lot worse than I realized.
  • But, I am a lot more stronger and capable than I know.
Dennis and I had a quiet time in James this morning after my workout. The verses about hearing God's word and abiding by it, is like someone who looks intently into a mirror, pretty much summed up my experience this morning.
I'm not afraid to face the reality. I am more afraid that I might not.

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