Monday, April 16, 2007

Progress Report

This morning, I had a 9-10am interval training class. I'm still sore from the Sat am power workout class (with all the "toys"), but I got to the YMCA on time. There were nearly 50 women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels, I had to squeeze in my own floor space.

This class uses step aerobics for the first half hour, then we spend 30 minutes on strength training, and about 5 minutes of stretching. Lisa, our instructor, came all the way to the back of the room to find out my name and confirm her guess that this was my first time. It wasn't that hard to guess.

The last time I had a work out class was aerobics in college in 1985. When I was engaged to Dennis in 1989, I worked out every morning with Hanna (also getting married in a few months), to her aerobics video tape in her living room. About a year after we married, I worked out to the same video tape with a friend from bible study in her living room.

These kinds of exercise classes have changed in some ways; in other ways, they haven't. I think that having people to work out with and an instructor to challenge me is the way to go. I get to socialize and it starts out my day right. The reason I usually don't sign up for classes like this is because it requires me to move with the beat and in step with the others. Lisa, our instructor, is fun and so I will keep going despite having two left feet.

I will keep swimming. I can tell it really helped me with being able to keep up with the classes.

So, now the other part of the quest to lose weight is controlling the calories. I've kept a food journal before. The problem with me is that I eat a lot of different things and it is difficult to compute the calories for each and every recipe I try out. I give up after a month. So, if I eat the same things in the same amount, then it takes a lot of work out of my journal keeping and calorie controlling.

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