Thursday, May 17, 2007


Today is Mom's birthday. She died due to an infection December 3, 1999. This morning, as part of my quiet time, I read Mom's daily missal. She was a Catholic, and her missal is a devotional that she had all her life since 1937. After she died, Dad gave it to me. I saw that she had bookmarks of novenas and pictures of the Holy Family, as well as a card from her father's death in 1954. I was surprised to see she also included a letter I wrote to her in 1982. I included a Catholic prayer about not loving God just to be saved, but for who He is. I also asked her for forgiveness for something I can't remember.

When I was engaged, Mom asked me to try on her wedding dress, and it fit perfectly. I remember standing on a chair to view myself in the dining room mirror, and I felt wonderful. My three year old and two year old nieces were in the room with their eyes open wide in wonder, dancing around me in delight. It was honor to wear it on my wedding day.
I hoped she felt honored.

"Hurry up, Honey! Time to get married!"
"Hey slow down! Take your time!"

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