Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yard Sale Blues, the Count Down Begins...

It's three days before the garage sale. I just called in the ad for the classifieds, so it will be running starting tomorrow through Saturday morning. And we are in the cleaning stage of preparing our junk, er, I mean, merchandise to make it saleable. I found out that Volunteers of America will be in the area tomorrow to pick up stuff to help homeless people, disabled people and others in need.


Something to discuss with Dennis. I looked over the list of what they need, and see that we could donate quite a bit. It might mean less profitability for us. But in what I know about God's heart, this is an opportunity to be involved in more than trying to raise up money just for our entertainment.

I will make sure that the items I listed in the ad will be available for sale on Saturday. But there is a lot that I didn't mention. Like my teapots. I decided to part with at least two of them, maybe a third. So, the charity can have those. We have a lot of blankets and afghans. Those should be helpful to the charity.

As for my newlywed dishes, I put them back in the cupboard. I decided that chips and cracks and mismatched pieces is my way to go against the consumerism that is prominient in this culture--actually, a badge of pride, not shame. When I told Dennis about it, he sighed with relief. "Honey, I'm glad, because I really like those dishes."
Well, time for me to get back to work. Anyone want a toilet seat cover with a big frog on it? Come on over! The price is right!

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