Monday, July 30, 2007

Diabetes Update

I just got back from a doctor's appointment. I lost six more pounds. The blood pressure is looking great (120/70). Whew. When the nurse congratulated me, I said that there's always room for more improvement.

I have been working on less red meat, more dark chocolate, more milk, more spinach, more fish, more nuts, more water and more exercise. And more red wine. So, I haven't missed the ice cream and steaks, think I can live without them.

I've been reading Real Food by Nina Planck. She thinks that there is something seriously wrong with dairy processing. I tend to agree, even with my food science background. The cows are given anti-biotics, growth hormones and no grass. The pasteurization kills the flavor, and has limited value in making food safe, except in increasing shelf life from farm to store, then at home for at least a week. Makes you think when you read the expiration date.

Nina also writes about the nutritional virtues of dark chocolate. I really enjoyed that section.

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