Thursday, July 05, 2007

Peace in Chaos

Emotions are a gift from God, but they need to be dealt with responsibly. Thankfully, I don't act on them and live solely by them. But I have learned to stay in touch with feelings, and figure out what is going on with myself, with God's help.

Women have to work through an intricate web of factors that make their emotional state. It is never just "black and white". For me, it takes awhile to even identify I'm upset, and to what degree. Extended prayer times are vital in the process--I need to run to my Creator who wired me this way. Sometimes I need to run to Him often and fast.

This morning, after a night of sleeplessness and seeing my Hubby off to work (with a smile and a kiss), I turned on Fernando Ortega's CD on hymns and spent some time in prayer and worship. I'm thankful that I haven't gone completely out of my mind with the fireworks all night long, and I'm thankful that God reminded me that He alone gives me peace despite the noise.

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