Thursday, July 19, 2007


A few more days of working at the mall store, then I'm back to my regular coffee shop. Today is my day off, so I'm enjoying our backyard. The natural sounds of the wind in the trees, birds chirping, even a goose honking from time to time. A relief from the constant buzz and chatter of the indoor mall. This mall has huge skylights, letting natural light in. Still, it seems like an unnatural environment to me.

Every once in awhile during my shift at the mall, I pause between making frappuccinos to look up through the skylights. I want to know if the sun is shining. If a storm is bringing us some rain and I need to go out and roll up the windows to my car. If dusk is approaching. This information seems to comfort me and link me somehow to the real world.

For my day off, I'm taking a book and sitting outside. I've got a shady spot in mind. No constantly whirring blenders. No cell phone chatterers. No canned 80's music. No messy tables to clean.

See you later.

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