Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cats and Dogs

Carly, our kitten, and Ginger, our puppy, play continueously. It's tag sometimes. One minute Ginger is "it" and chases Carly. The next minute, Carly is "it" and chases Ginger. They wrestle. As they play at biting and attacking each other, they are careful to not really bite or really scratch. No blood has been spilled. But at times it looks like the real thing, when Carly growls and hisses and Ginger yelps--I guess to add to the drama of the entertainment. When they are done, they lie there panting and tired, happy at completing round 143 of Ginger versus Carly, lightweight championship of the LeBlanc home.

They don't always play fight. Sometimes, they've united together for mischief against their masters. Carly has climbed up the pantry shelves in the laundry room and knocked down her treats to the floor, and shares them with her buddy, Ginger. Or Carly will open doors--a skill that Ginger doesn't yet possess--to gain access to territories forbidden to the LeBlanc pets. Ginger has the weight advantage useful to knock over the trash cans to make them accessible to Carly, her cohort in crime.

We've don't have just pets. We've got pirates aboard.

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