Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crazy Carly

My kitten, Carly, broke the computer last night while we were sleeping. She likes to climb around the modem on the desk, stepping on the "standby" button. I reset it last night before we retired. Dennis tried to get online this morning, and it wasn't working and resetting the button wasn't doing it anymore. I checked it out, with Carly looking over my shoulder, unapologetically. She coolly watched me look over the wires and connections, and then reboot everything from monitor to hard drive, then disconnect and re-connect all plug-ins to the modem. I fixed it and then repositioned everything so that she couldn't pull anything out or push anything in. She tested it out by taking a walk around the computer right after, and everything stayed intact. I've been busy dog and cat-proofing the house for days.

They like to chew.

I knew that puppies need to chew, but I didn't expect that Carly had to. I think she just joins in with Ginger. Ginger takes one shoe, Carly takes the other. I can't leave them alone for a minute.

The daily schedule is the same everyday for them: take a walk, eat breakfast, chase each other, chew something, play fetch, chase each other, naptime, take a walk, chase each other, chew something, play fetch, naptime...

My schedule is: walk the dog, pull a muscle in my back while preventing cat from following us out the door, feed the animals--dog dish on the floor, cat dish on top of clothes washer to make sure her food doesn't get stolen--make sure animals don't knock things down while chasing each other, pick up what they knock over while trying not to hurt my back too much more, take shoes away from animals and replace them with the chew toys they can chew on while back is breaking, throw ball, throw ball, throw ball...collapse while they nap...call doctor about back strain...

Good thing they are soo cute...

Pictures will be posted as soon as my back heals.

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