Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday Storms in Lansing

These are pictures from the Lansing State Journal of my neighborhood. No one got hurt nor did anyone's house get a tree on top of it, as far as I saw as I drove around, trying to find a passable way out to work. We had no trees come down in our yard, and we've got big ones. Just some small branches. Dennis and I talked about it later, the fact that the roots on our pines seem to be deep, but we don't know how deep. Will they make it through another storm if it is as strong as the one that hit today? Or stronger? The previous owners made sure that the branches on all the properties tall pines were trimmed--we've never had a problem, yet, with branches or trees coming down on top of our house. But the trees in our neighbors' yards could cause some problems for us as well as for themselves.
As for me, I could have been out driving to work when the storm hit, but wisely decided to stay home until it was over. I called my partners to let them know of my decision and the fact that tornado sirens were going off. Then the electricity went off, never a good sign, and I couldn't find a flashlight with fresh batteries. But by the light of my cell phone, I made it to the basement. I put Ginger in her kennel because I didn't know how she would react. Buttercup would lay quietly right beside me, but Ginger doesn't like to be still as that quite yet. I felt it was the safest place for her because I knew I wouldn't be able to hold on to her. The cat got under the couch and wouldn't come out, so I left her there.
It ended as quickly as it started. Ginger, Carly and I reunited briefly. I called Dennis at work at least five times before the storm and during it and I called him again as I got in the car and headed out, telling him where all the blocked roads were when it was time for him to come home. By the time I got to work, I heard from another co-worker and my manager who wanted to know how I was doing and not to take Jolly road, since a tornado touched down there and the damage was all over there. An hour later, I learned that the roof blew off Fazoli's, 2 blocks from my house.
I sent people home early, and got myself out early as well after we closed. I took Jolly road, things didn't seem that bad. Saw Fazoli's, and their roof looked okay. The neighborhood looked too spooky as I turned into our street. Dennis was home, lighting candles and loading fresh batteries into the flashlights. We listened to the radio for a few minutes before bedtime. Our electricity came on after a few hours, so I had to get up around 2am and turn things off. Including the computer. I had to tell you all about it, play by play.
And I'm deeply thankful about deep roots, de-branched trees and weather warnings to help us make prudent decisions.

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