Thursday, August 16, 2007

God's Happiness

A friend lent me her copy of "The Pleasures of God" by John Piper which I've been enjoying for the last week. (I also enjoy seeing her notes in Japanese in the margins-- even though I can't read it, I love it. I learn a lot about people by borrowing their books.) I have finished Chapter One a few minutes ago, about God's pleasure in His Son. I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

I also enjoy Piper's use of the word "happy" to describe "blessed". Happiness seems to be a bad word in Christian circles these days. Probably because we are used to hearing it used in all the wrong ways. Piper looks at it in all the right ways. Here's one from page 26:

"A great part of God's glory is his happiness. It was inconceivable
to the apostle Paul that God could be denied infinite joy and still be
all-glorious. To be infinitely glorious was to be infinitely happy."

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