Friday, August 17, 2007

Lovely and Amazing

My blogging has been slowing down of late because we have a new puppy. She's 10 weeks old and a beautiful golden retriever, totally blonde. Her name is Gingersnap, but we just call her Ginger. She and Carmelita, our kitten, are pals, playing all the time.

Dennis and I have put off getting another dog for almost a year. We kept thinking of all the work, housebreaking, obedience, chewing, etc... but Ginger has been already housebroken, already comes to her name and sits. After only two and a half days. So smart and responsive. She follows me around the house, and Carmelita (Carly for short) follows her. It's like a parade everytime I go up and down the stairs. Outside, Ginger doesn't need a leash. She would prefer the pleasure of our company above all else. We didn't know this when we got her. It was kinda like a leap of faith.

It may seem like a weird thing to do, but we prayed about this pet thing. We asked for a dog that would like our cat, be calm and even tempered and not become an idol to us. On the way to visit the litter, I told Dennis that I didn't want to get the first dog we see. But in the back of my mind, I was fearful of giving up my freedom. Ginger was the first dog we saw. We played with her for half an hour. I was impressed by the gentle teenager, Mike, who raised her and her littermates--his dad was at work, so he met us at their home and answered all our moronic questions with kindness and patience. Seeing him firmly and wisely deal with the dogs told me everything I needed to know. I decided that was it. It was okay. I will probably be the one housebreaking her, training her and walking her, but I'm all right with that.

And now, I have no regrets at all. If Carly could talk, I'm sure she would agree.

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