Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sweet Stuff

This week, Nikki from work had a stray kitten that needed a home. Dennis and I agreed to take her without seeing her. Not an easy decision. We had a cat before and she was a little crazy. Dennis was afraid she would scratch our dog's eyes out. So, when the time came to move to Georgia, we took our dog but left Misty the cat behind with only a momentary pang of regret. She was as nutty as...well, you get the picture.

I was hoping that not all cats are alike. Our former cat, although she was aggressive towards strangers, was deeply attached to us. I missed the bonding with her but not her attacking our friends. I trusted Nikki's word and expertise with animals that her stray had a sweet disposition. Nikki grooms pets as a side business and has two grown cats and a Golden Retriever living with her in her one bedroom apartment. Nikki said that the kitten loved to be with the dog but hated the other cats. This sounded good to me, since Dennis and I want to get a puppy soon and have been concerned about having the same problem before with Buttercup and Misty.

When I went to Nikki's to pick the kitten up, I didn't expect to see such a beauty. The little beast is four months old with a regal bearing. Her silky smooth coat is black with tortoise shell coloring with tan and gold, and a patch of caramel on her chest; her eyes are golden. I fell in love with her and took her on the longest car trip of her life to our home.

When I put the carrier down on the floor of our family room, the kitten eagerly got herself out without me helping. She took a look around and followed me as I showed her her litterbox and food dishes. She followed me to the couch and laid next to me in a deep contented purr. She claimed me and the entire environment as her own.

I tested how she would react to strangers when Dennis came home. We were in the bedroom with the door shut when we heard Dennis walk into the house. She sat up, ears alert and watched the bedroom door from the bed. When Den opened it, she flung herself to the floor and immediately started to rub his legs and purr. She did not flee, and did not attack. When she played with us, she kept her claws in, which is significant in feline manners.

Her name is Carmelita, cat of humble origin but queenly and benevolent countenance and gentle friendly manner. I find her an astute and affectionate companion who follows me from room to room, curiously researching everything in our midst with sweet delight, her tail often forming the shape of a question mark and turning it into an exclamation point. Somehow, I quickly won her heart and I am not sure how that happened. But I feel blessed for it.

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