Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another Side of Mary

So often, when we think of Mary, the mother of Jesus, we think of her humility and her faith. But I think that she was also a woman of strength and fortitude.

It all comes down to Calvary.

Jesus received an agonizing and appalling death sentence by hanging on a cross. And His mom was there as He went through it--she was there when He came into the world and she was there when He left it.

J. Oswald Sanders comments on her in 31 Days On The Life Of Christ :

"Sympathetically she entered into all His sufferings. The spear would pierce
her heart as it rent His flesh. With joy she had followed His career, had feared
and prayed for Him, had rejoiced in His successes and wept over His
disappointments. But now He was dying as a criminal, not as a hero! What an end
to the life of such a Son! Lest she add to His sufferings, she did not give way
to uncontrolled weeping but repressed her grief as the sword pierced her soul.
She did not faint or swoon; she "stood". He had enough suffering of His own
without her adding to His overflowing cup of sorrow."

Here was Mary, unselfish despite the crushing grief she experienced. Here was Jesus, unselfish despite the extreme physical, spiritual and emotional suffering He experienced--He told His disciple, John, to be a son to her and for her to be a mom to him.

That we would be as brave and thoughtful in our own moments of extreme need.

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