Sunday, September 30, 2007

Going To California

I'm heading out to see my parents and my sisters, and, if I'm in the right place at the right time, my brother. I want to see the ocean for a few hours, too. I'll be missing Dennis and Ginger and Carly. But I'm looking forward to seeing my new niece for the first time, little Jonna.

California. What a concept.

If you are not familiar with the West, you are probably thinking: beaches, palm trees, sunshine, people in swimsuits all day long....well, yes, it's all that. And more. It's expensive.

We lived there for eight years, in the Monterey Bay Peninsula and in the San Francisco Bay area. We made great friends and enjoyed adventures hiking, biking and camping by the ocean and in the mountains. Good times. We had bible study groups meeting in our home, close friends becoming Christians, deeply spiritually fruitful times. Funny how it didn't feel expensive. We had one car. I didn't work most of the time. Our needs were basic and our wants were pretty simple. And through Den's job in the Navy, God provided.

It's that simple but it is pretty complex at the same time. We believed God wanted us there. We decided to stay whether Dennis had a job or not. God confirmed it by bringing Dennis into recruiting. After awhile, God moved Dennis (and me) around the country. But it is good to go back and while I'm there to remember that God answered our prayers and how He did it.

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