Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Here We Go

As I mentioned in my last blog, my sister Amy lost a hundred pounds by Weight Watchers. Isn't that great? She started by just following the tools online at, and lost 40. After awhile, she knew that she needed more support and encouragement. She got the lifetime acheivement award, which means she'll never have to pay again to attend the meetings. She made friends who started with her, among them a married couple who had type 2 diabetes. They are now just managing it by diet and no longer have to take medication for high blood pressure or to manage high blood glucose. Amy has never missed a weekly meeting. She is a middle school teacher, a mom of three kids under age of seven and very busy.

When I went to the last weekly meeting with her last night, she was so excited that I was there. She was whispering in my ear about this person and that person next to us and about what wonderful progress they made. After awhile of listening to the speaker and noting Amy's obvious enthusiasm for the program and for my decision to start it, I realized that it was a lot like when I take friends to church who are new to it. That although I always enjoy going, it seems more wonderful that my friends are with me and I am full of hope that they experience the wonder of worshipping God.

On the health and diet front, I decided to work on this program because I was stalling out on my own. I am still losing weight, but I am taking more drugs to control the diabetes and blood pressure. Amy told me that exercise was really the key, and that losing weight was good but I have to actually move. That part of my program has been flagging lately-- getting lazy and rationalizing a lot about it. My last doctor's visit, Vicki asked me point blank if my diet was changing. I kept telling her that I was losing weight, but she wasn't impressed with that. She wanted to know if I was paying attention to what I was eating. No, not as much as I needed to.

So, Weight Watchers seems to be the answer. I have a journal and a lot of fun fact filled tools to monitor my intake. I started today. I get a limit on how many points I get daily and I subtract the value of each thing that goes into my mouth from my total. Today, I had a surplus of 3 points because I went for a two mile walk. I even drank a small bottle of beer and had three pieces of pizza. Amy cut the pizza so that each piece was worth three points and she weighed and measured each piece to calculate the point value. Amy suggested that I not deprive myself when I want to eat, but to make good choices.

For instance, I made myself a little egg sandwich for my breakfast at 7am and calculated its point value. Two hours later, for some inexplicable reason, I was hungry again. At this point, I got nervous because I felt I shouldn't have been hungry and that I shouldn't eat. And then the anxiety got worse. I ate a banana and drank several glasses of water. Still hungry and nervous. So I broke out a can of soup to heat up--Amy has the Progresso no points kind--and for some reason, that did it. I didn't have to eat again until four hours later after my walk. It was a relief to see the list of everything I consumed that day--it was all good food and a lot of it. But I didn't overeat and I stayed within a very reasonable limit. I felt good.

I don't know what the anxiety was all about. I've kept food journals before and had good results as long as I kept them up. Perhaps, that is something I need to look into.

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