Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm in CA, I'm in CA, I'm in CA....

It's been good to see my family, having a good time, enjoying the sunshine and pinching myself every two minutes that I'm actually out here.

My flight to Fresno was pretty calm until we hit the last leg from LA to Fresno. Apparently, I was on a plane with a big time celebrity. Think American Idol. He had a band and their equipement weighed so much that there was no room for my suitcase, which was flown out several hours after my flight and delivered to my sister's house for me.

My nieces and nephew have grown considerably, it's been fun taking them to the open house at the firefighter's station for a ride on the firetruck and squirting a firehose. They got to talk to the firefighters and recieved gifts like stickers, hats and badges. Noah is going to be a firefighter when he grows up, so he has frequently declared.

My sister drove up from San Diego and we shopped all day to today together. I got several tips on "What Not to Wear" from my sisters, it was a revelation. I need more color in my wardrobe and feminine shoes. I tried several things on that I wouldn't have dared without their encouragement, and found out that they fit.

My youngest sister had a baby last year and lost almost a hundred pounds on Weight Watchers. She and I have had some good talks about counting points and keeping a food journal. I'm going with her tomorrow to her meeting and she gave me some materials on how to set goals and plan menus. We also talked about Mom's diabetes. I asked how Mom lost her weight. My sister has a daughter who has type 1 diabetes and very knowledgeable even about type 2, which Mom had. Amy described how Mom had ketoacidosis, a problem that arises from not managing diabetes and can cause dramatic weight loss. Amy gave me a tough talk about self-discipline and taking care of myself, the kind of talk only a sister who loves me could give.

I went to a party this afternoon with Amy's extended in-law's family, it was a nice chaotic hour of children running and playing and interacting and everyone else bonding and laughing. Right now I'm going to help put up Halloween decorations.

Pictures and more to come!

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