Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Second Meeting

I made it to my second meeting after a week of following the flex plan with Weight Watchers. I was given an award for most weight lost last week--four pounds. My award was a big Dorrie stuffed toy--Dorrie was the fish that Ellen DeGeneres' voice played in "Finding Nemo". Lately, Dorrie has been out in the car. Tonight, Dorrie will come inside the house to motivate me to stay on my program. I might need to hug her, too. It's tough.

Customers and co-workers have noticed I lost weight. After my meeting at WW, I had a doctor's appointment and it showed that I didn't just lose four pounds, but six.

Who's right? I don't know.

This week, I'm planning to exercise more and harder than I did last week. Last week, I mostly did short walks. My goal is to lose 26 pounds--two pounds a week. My ultimate goal is to lose 120 pounds. That's like losing an entire person. My ultimate reward? I'm thinking either a black leather jacket or a trip somewhere.

Where should I go?

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