Friday, November 02, 2007

An Evening in Stratford

Last night, thanks to Bob and Donna, we went out for an evening of Shakespeare--Brian Bedford's "The Lover, The Lunatic and The Poet". It was a nice date and I learned that I liked Shakespeare. I didn't before. Dennis is pretty familiar with Macbeth and can quote lines from it. The rest of Bedford's monologues were hard for him to follow, despite his familiarity with the old King James Version of the bible. I found out that I got most of it. Maybe because I'm older.

Shakespeare had a keen understanding of the flesh. Of the heights and depths of mortal existence, especially about passion and later in his life, cynicism. I don't have the scholarly insight into Shakespeare's work or life but my impression is this: life is messy. Really messy. People find themselves in bloody chaos so easily. And Shakespeare's personal life was one complex heartbreak after another.

I don't think that Christ protects us from heartbreak. I think that with Christ, we experience it even more when we are involved in a world that hurts and suffers. Shakespeare articulated that hurt with ferocity. And that is why I appreciate The Bard more than ever.

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