Monday, November 19, 2007


We lost our cable that helps download photos from our digital camera. We found it. So, here are some pics of my California vacation (and afterwards)

My nephew in California, Noah, who looks a lot like his Uncle John, my brother

My niece, Kalea, in a goofy mood, who looks like her mom when she's goofy, too

My dad, Al, and stepmom, Starla

My sisters, Amy (left) and Fran on our shopping trip to Target and Starbucks, where they gave me "What Not To Wear" lessons

Jonna, in her birthday hat
She looks like her mom, Amy, from this angle, I think
Hey, where are you going?
Takeaway lesson from CA trip: Weight Watchers
Ginger with her toy: glad that I'm home, cooking in the kitchen again so that she can catch nutritious food spills on the floor

New shoes from California (Thanks Fran and Aim!)

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