Friday, November 30, 2007

Quiet Time

I'll be posting a series about quiet times. What are quiet times? Sometimes, they are called "devotions". The idea is that Christians need to spend a specific time every day committed to meeting with God in prayer and in the Word. It's different than your reading the Bible in a year program. It's different than doing a Bible study. The purpose is focusing intently on your relationship with God, getting time to hear what He has to say to you. One author calls it "radical intimacy". Another author refers to it as "feeding your soul".

How do you have a quiet time? I've heard busy men say that they listen to Bible on tape while commuting to work, or reviewing and praying over Scripture memory verses while jogging every morning. I've heard young mothers who said that having their Bibles open while they do dishes gives them a chance to get time with God during their children's naps. One mom told me about how she got up earlier than everyone else in the household and went to a special chair she kept in her bedroom to meet with God. A single woman took long walks with her Scripture memory verses every morning and prayed while she reviewed them. A single missionary met with God during his breakfast, his Bible open in front of his cereal bowl. Some people get that time before they go to sleep. Some people get their quiet times during lunch breaks at work. My brother-in-law has family devotions with my niece and nephew every night, where they read a passage in a children's Bible and pray together.

As for me, I've done almost all of the above, even the ideas that involve kids since I used to babysit a lot. Dennis does the same thing every day at the same time at the same place and writes in a journal.

Leave comments to let us know if there is something about quiet time that has helped you that might encourage someone else or if you have questions or struggles you would like to address.

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