Sunday, November 04, 2007

This Sunday Morning

Today, during the talk at the international christian fellowship by Dingi Banda and Patrick Ofori about the prayer needs for Africa, I got to play with Abigail, Bode's and Funmi's daughter who is a little over 10 months old. She remembered me from last week when I helped in the nursery, and came over to me from her mother's arms quite easily. We had a great time quietly interacting in the back row of the room, a sweet blessing. A grin. A soft chortle. When she was getting too restless, it was time for her mom to rein Abigail in and take her back. She began trying to catch my eye from her mother's lap and begin the process of playing all over again. It took all I had to resist. But as I sat next to this wonderful African family, I kept thinking, wow, we are talking about your home country, your culture and your history. What will God do through little Abigail? And Abigail's children? I realized that what I'm praying for in Africa comes down to people, even the little person I held in my arms for a few cheerful minutes this morning. It was a wonderful, simple and memorable moment for me.

Yes, I will pray for you, Abigail. And for your family here. And for your family to come.

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