Saturday, November 17, 2007

Weight Watchers Update (and more)

I lost 6.6 pounds last week.

I'm half way to my 10% goal.

To a wedding tonight, I wore my favorite mule flats. They were slipping off my feet. Dennis and I were wondering why, until I realized it was because of weight loss.

Update on other areas of our lives:
Dennis is getting his training as a mail carrier. Today, he went to the post office just to do some paperwork that needed to be turned in and they asked him if he could help out. That was encouraging! I'm enjoying the fact we are seeing each more often and that we don't have weird schedules anymore. I might be able to pick up more hours at work later on, so that is a nice change too.

The wedding tonight reinforced our desire to stay with Michigan as long as we can. Our church is an amazing community. The young couple, Scott and Lynne, are mature and God-honoring. I loved hearing Lynne's siblings give the evening toasts, as well as Lynne's dad, who is also an elder in our church. I enjoyed interacting with people I previously didn't have a chance to talk with and celebrating one very big family's new marriage within our fellowship. Whether or not our desire to stay in Michigan is God's desire is something we are working on finding out.
And I previously promised pictures of pets Ginger and Carmelita. Ginger is the retreiver, Carmelita (a.k.a. "Carly") is the cat. As you browse the pictures, guess who is the "nice" pet and who is "not nice".

Good guessing!

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