Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Quiet Time, Part 5--What You Do

I think that there's a simple beauty to meeting with a woman who needs no additional adornment except for her gentle, quiet spirit. I mean, He's everywhere you are, right? He's available 24/7. But we aren't, unfortunately. Going to Him requires we make time out of all the other stuff we have to do and/or like to do. So, what do we do when we go to Him?

I would like to make the case that it is as simple as praying for ourselves, that God would reveal Himself to us, to help us know His love for us. Then reading a passage of Scripture. Then thinking about it. Then worshipping God for what we've learned from the Scriptures. Then praying for ourselves that God will help us remember His Holy Word and live by it, in that way living out our love for Him.

That's it.

I forget that it's all that's required.

And it's beautiful to me.

I like the other things, too. Like various methods on how to meditate on God's Word. Keeping a journal (love that). Using a hymnal or a song book or a CD to deepen worship. Devotionals. Walking, running, sitting, lying face down, kneeling, listening, interceding, whispering, shouting, singing, can be a part of the quiet time, too. And it could last a few minutes or a few hours. But at the essence, let's not forget. Pray, Read, Think, Worship, Pray, Live.

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