Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Change Would Do You Good

After my one day retreat, I capped it off with a forty-five minute swim. I hadn't been swimming for a month (the weather was too cold, not feeling well, usual excuses) and I had to drag myself to the pool. I did almost a half mile, about 13 laps. I timed myself and found that I was getting faster and faster. That's not news. What was exciting to me was that I felt I was getting more efficient and gaining speed with more ease in the freestyle, my least favorite type of swim stroke (I usually feel like I'm drowning myself with it) because I finally decided to try something that I never had before.

I don't like change. But as I swam I noticed that my right was working harder than my leftside, and I was always exhausted after every lap. If I stretched a little on my left, I could extend my left arm out longer in my stroke. It would mean rolling my head more to my right, which I feel uncomfortable with. I have to train my brain to not panic with a move in the water that I'm not used to. This is a major mental adjustment, because my mind is trying to keep me from drowning. What I've been doing for years has been okay with my brain and it was set in its ways, especially in 12 feet of water.

But when I divided the work more evenly between my right and left, I found myself not so tired and reaching the end of pool faster than usual. Therefore, I informed my brain that it was wrong and that I was going to survive. Even in 12 feet of water.

What is about change? As I get older, I probably resist it more. Perhaps because I lose a sense of adaptability and flexibility when I know what I like or think I always know what's best. But there always new ways of looking at things, different things to try and more knowledge to gain. The problem with experience is that more of it you have, the more you think you know and the less you desire having a broader experience than you've already had.

When I was in my 20's, I longed for an expansion to my life. I wanted to go places and do things and see things that I never had before. I was afraid that my small town upbringing would narrow my vision. And I think God granted my desire as I have lived in different parts of the country and met all kinds of people and made several friends of varied ages and backgrounds. It's been an amazing 25 years since I prayed those prayers. But it's not over yet.

"Call to Me, and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things which you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3

Jeremiah was trying to tell people of Isreal that big changes were on the way and to trust God to keep His promises even though the circumstances were difficult. They were to gain more than they lost, it was for their good. What great and might things will God tell me when I call to Him? How open am I?

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