Friday, January 04, 2008

More Random Topics

It's noon, and I finished my morning chores, including making a Food Network recipe "Tuscan Crockpot Chicken" (they use crockpots in Tuscany?) for tonight's dinner in my clean and super organized but tiny kitchen. I have a few hours before work to round out some projects that I've got going, including getting my co-workers signed up for yoga class at the YMCA. My company agreed to pay for half our registration fees for the six week long yoga instruction. Wow--I love where I work. There will be seven of us co-workers, it should be really fun. It's been fun already as the instigator of the activity.

I walked Ginger, and she's taking a nap under the desk curled around my feet to keep them warm. My kittycat, Carly, is snoozing in her basket next to my desk. Ginger is the fun pet, but Carmelita is far more interesting. I re-organized furniture in the house to keep her from climbing and leaping from the dining room to the living room on the lower level. She's an acrobat, a flying trapeze artist without the trapeze.

A repairman came over yesterday and I put Ginger in our bedroom to keep her from being the overly friendly pest she usually is with strangers. I closed the door, but fifteen minutes later, out she comes to see us happy as she could be. I told the repairman that the cat opened the door for her. The repairman laughed and said that they were quite the team. I said that they are actually little pirates. Carly is obviously the Captain.

Dennis is working as a sub for the U.S. Postal Service, taking over a few rural routes for mail carriers on vacation. He also sorts mail early in the morning before he goes out. It's a small postal office in a small community not far from where we live. He likes the work, but the snow is pretty deep at curbside after snowplows are done clearing roads. So, it's cold. He'll be home just around the time I leave for work. I hope he likes the Tuscan Crockpot Chicken.

I bought him an ipod shuffle for Christmas, it was going for $79, but the clerk at the electronics department clipped a coupon for me that I didn't know existed and brought the price down to $64. I nearly jumped the counter and kissed him on the top of his bald head, but instead I told him he made my day, in fact, my month. He got really shy and said that someone should benefit from those coupons, really, no big deal. He was a little guy, but had a big heart. God bless him. As someone who always goes the extra mile for others, including customers all day long, I appreciate the rare small kindness that comes my way.

Dennis listens to the ipod while sorting mail, and likes it because it is easy and small. He is not tech inclined, he barely uses the computer at home or knows how to operate the digital camera he gave me for my birthday last year, but he taught himself how to download music off itunes and our cd's. We have The Message on cd, so he is going to download that to his ipod too. Wait until I tell him about podcasts. All in all, I think this has been his favorite Christmas gift ever from me.

Well, now I don't know how to conclude this blog--not telling a story or sharing a deep thought, but perhaps the best way to end the post is how much I feel blessed and thankful to God for all He's done for me, and hopefully, through me to others, most of all to my favorite mailman and even to my little pirates.

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