Saturday, January 05, 2008

Progress Report

I lost three pounds last week. This week, I lost three more.

I haven't been hungry for a couple of days. Just don't want to eat. I made myself eat a banana and a yogurt on the way to weigh in at Weight Watchers. And a hand full of nuts afterwards.

I'm just ready to be a normal size again.

I can lose weight, but am I willing to do what it takes?

So far, it hasn't been a problem. I walk the dog. Find projects to do. Swim a little. Scrub the floors. And don't eat anything that might look like it is more than 500 calories all at one bite. Have oatmeal for breakfast (usually). With the WW plan, it is easier to focus my efforts.

I bought a food scale, to weigh my food to get the portion sizes right and calculate the points.
And scoops to get the volume right, so I'm not overeating. I was journaling, but that has been harder to keep up with.

The Tuscan Crockpot Chicken that I made yesterday smelled good, but I don't want to eat it. It tastes good, but it doesn't appeal to me at all. I'll freeze it for later. Dennis liked it and has taken some of it to work.

I read recipes like some people read novels. I can imagine how it will taste, smell and look. It's amazing and an ability that I use everyday at work when remembering coffees. But as of late, I'm going through cookbooks and can't find one thing I want to eat very much of or at all.

On the flip side, I went to McDonald's last week and bought a hamburger. It made me sick. I really didn't like it. The same for my old obsession with Taco Bell. I don't like anything, and the last time I had a taco there, I felt nauseous afterwards. Last night at work, I had to eat something for dinner and I didn't want the chicken I made, so I went to the giant burrito place next door. I had a vegetarian burrito, but I couldn't finish it. It tasted bad to me. Usually, I have guacomole in my burritos, but this time, I really had an aversion to it. A co-worker gave me a sample of a gingerbread cake, and it was too sweet, I threw it away.

Maybe I'm changing. I don't like food anymore.

My co-workers are reminding me of the days when I'd bring food in to share. I've been telling them that I'm not cooking as much as before, and most of what I brought was high in calories and fat. Except the sushi and fresh spring rolls and most of the salads. But even those things seem disgusting to me.

This is new to me--let me emphasize--really, really, really new to me. I've asked for God's help to stick with losing weight and keeping it off. Maybe this is the way He is doing that.

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