Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Stories of My Day

Yesterday before work, I used my bread machine. With it I made two loaves of 12 whole grain yumminess. One I added herbes de Provence and some garlic powder and baked in the oven. The other I left plain and let it bake in the machine. What really was great was the way the house smelled. We finished off the plain loaf today--it made excellent toast. I'm going to make another loaf tomorrow and add sunflower seeds.

I also swam today, as I have for the last two days. When I got to the pool, I was the only one in the water. Half hour later, the place was packed. I ended up sharing my lane with an older guy who didn't even say hello or ask me if I'd be willing to share. There's pool etiquette, ya'know. I really can't say "no", but it promotes good will to ask. But, no prob, until he took up 3/4 of the lane and insisted on doing the backstroke on the return of each of his laps. After a few close calls with getting hit in the face, I saw another lane open up and went over. Just as I started to swim, there was another older guy who was trying to jump on my new lane there, too. I stopped and asked him if he wanted this lane, and he declined and left. I swam to the deep end, only to see a younger man swimming below and heading right towards a head to head collision with me. I pulled back sharply and nearly screamed. But the young guy just said he was sorry and moved over to the next lane. A couple doing a deep water work out a few feet away asked me if I was all right and said they saw what he did. They didn't believe it was an accident--he was headed right towards me.

After I finished that lap, a little shaky and on the look out for the troublemaker, another guy sat on the edge of the pool and asked if he could swim on the right of the lane. I said sure, and that I was on my last lap. We joked and laughed about it, and I noticed the guy who scared me a minute ago sitting on the side watching the whole transaction. After finishing my lap, I went to the activity area and just watched while I stretched my muscles in the water. The young man was trying to find a lane, but didn't know how to ask to share or wait for one to open up. He looked confused. I thought about going over to talk to him, but decided not to.

There's all types that come to the "Y" and some of them are developmentally disabled even though at first glance they don't seem to be. The young man looked like a physically healthy and muscular person who took care of himself, but his erratic behavior was a signal that not everything was as it seemed. I'm just thankful that we didn't collide. The rate of speed at which he was swimming to the surface was really fast and I'm positive that I wouldn't have come out of it very well if he did hit me. He didn't even flinch, slow down or move over to avoid me.

Later on this evening, I went to yoga class. It was a good experience, but I could tell that I would have been much better at this when I was younger. And thinner. The instructor even gave me a compliment on one of my attempts at a pose that stretches your middle back by lying on your crossed upper arms, making you look like an alien. I will probably practice some of the poses throughout the week. As uncomfortable as I sometimes felt during the session, afterwards I really did feel good. After yoga, I went out with my husband to join some co-workers at a college hangout joint for some wings (50 cents each) and a salad. We had a good time getting to know each other better and just relaxing.

Tomorrow, I'm making soba noodles with kim chi and snowpea pods. A good accompaniment would be a hot and sour soup, with shitaki mushrooms. We'll see.

Every day is an adventure.

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