Sunday, January 27, 2008

Travel Bug Bites

I like to travel, but I haven't been anywhere outside the U.S. and Canada for awhile. Time and money are often a factor, but more often than anything it's about where travel stands in my list of priorities. Maybe it's time for a change in that department.

Where would I like to go?

For one, for our 20th wedding anniversary next year, it would be neat to retrace our honeymoon trip. We took a week and a half to drive from Washington state to California, with a detour to British Columbia. We started in Sequim and stayed at my aunt and uncle's cabin for a few days. I think my aunt sold the cabin a while ago, but there are places to stay near the beach. We stayed at a few bed and breakfasts in Oregon and Northern California along highway 101. It was a great time and really romantic. I think our second time around we would spend a little time in Seattle. I used to live there, in Wallingford near the U-district. We haven't been back for at least seven years, when Dad moved from Ephrata.

As for other places in the world, I guess my list would look pretty predictable: China, Tuscany, Bangkok, Patagonia, Cozumel... but would travel for travel's sake be the best motivation to see these places, meet these people? After meeting people from all over the world and hearing their stories and learning about their cultures through ESL classes, I want something more than to shop, eat, and take a ton of pictures. Although there is nothing wrong with those things (it seems like fun, actually) I want to come away with something more.

Right now, I'm considering starting steps for TESOL, a master's program for teaching english. It involves studying for the GRE and getting accepted at MSU. And lots of money for a two year program. If this is the path I need to be on, a lot of things have to get in motion. It's a desire, and a relatively new one. If that isn't the path for me, I'm pretty satisfied where I'm at. I love being a tutor and helping with conversation classes at our church.

I love what Sara, another tutor involved in our church's ESL and international fellowship, said a few years ago. That she's always wanted to travel, and in a way she travels through her friendships with internationals. Well, that's a pretty great way to go!

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