Monday, February 18, 2008


This afternoon, we went grocery shopping before going to the gym, and steaks were on sale. I haven't eaten steak since around last October. My protein sources have been mostly canned tuna, eggs or egg substitute or fish. Sometimes chicken. Rarely beef. So, we bought steak and had a small feast for dinner. I also had a real bagel with real cream cheese for breakfast this morning while at work.

I'm coming to terms that these eating experiences will be exceptions, not the norm. And really, I'm happy to be able to appreciate those occasional and rare treats. I work too hard to go back from where I came. It's been a long journey that started one and a half years ago at a women's retreat, where the nurses in my cabin noted that I had sleep apnea--I literally quit breathing several times while I slept, and they could hear me gasping for breath without waking up.

One young woman, Alicia, from our cabin approached me several times afterwards at church to ask me if I had seen a doctor. After awhile, it occured to me that this was an accountability issue and I needed to follow through. I made appointments and started on the work of getting back to health. But it was Alicia who helped me assess the situation and sparked me to do something about it.

Just a note about how God uses community, specifically Church, to build us up.

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