Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our pregnant cat, Carly, is due to have kittens soon. Perhaps in a matter of hours. She sleeps a lot. She likes the sliding glass door and spends her days looking outside at squirrels. And eating. This is a mellow side of her that I'm not used to. She doesn't like to jump around much or go upstairs. She is almost half as wide as she is long.

And I hope she decides not to give birth on our bed. We've made a cozy nest for her next to the sliding glass door and for the last few days she has been hanging around it. Like, she might know what it is for. We hope.

Ginger and Carly don't play much anymore. Ginger spends time gazing at Carly as Carly gazes out the door. We don't know what Ginger will do once the kittens arrive, but I've been told that Goldens are the best of all breeds to get along with cats. They like everyone, even punky tough cats like Carly the Pirate Captain.

Where I spend a lot of time--

Ginger loves to hang out with us more now that Carly has to rest. She even likes to help Dennis with handyman stuff.

Oh yeah, it snows here. A lot.

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