Sunday, February 24, 2008

Setting a Higher Goal....Or Not

Last night was a long busy one at work, capping off a short busy day at home. The thing is that as we were leaving the store, finished with all our closing duties at 11:45 pm, I realized that I had a lot more energy than I used to.

Corey at work is also a boxer and sometimes works at one of the swankiest athletic clubs in town. I told him that I've been working out almost daily for three weeks and found out today that I gained a half pound. Corey suggested that I get a GEM readout--he says that it would give me a better idea on how I'm really doing, especially in what percent of my weight was fat and what was muscle. He thinks I'm building muscle, so that accounts for the weight gain, but it would actually help me later burn calories.

Also thinking about my idea about training for a triathelon. If I really want to do it, I might need to hire a personal trainer to help me put together a plan. And how expensive will that be?

See. Either I never exercise or I go all out. I'm such an extremist.

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