Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shocking, But True

Today while organizing my closet, I tried on two pairs of jeans I haven't worn for five years or more. One pair fit perfectly. The other was too big. I turned an otherwise 15 minute job into an all morning project, trying on different clothing in various sizes. I filled three garbage bags full of clothes too big for me now, ready to be taken to a local charity for donation.

Emotionally, it's a shock. To try something on that was too tight before and see myself swimming in it now. Last night, I wore a pair of shoes that were a little too tight in December, a pair of black mary jane mules with a high heel. Usually I wear them when I know there isn't much walking involved, because after 10 minutes, they hurt a little. After an hour, they hurt a lot. There was no problem at all with them last night, as I wore them for 3 hours.

When I started, my sister took my measurements. I think it's time to re-measure.

Weight Watchers stresses that there is more to weight loss than seeing numbers move on the scale. It's about change. It's about a new way of thinking, self-discipline and self-care. Christians used to talk about caring for our physical bodies as a part of our stewardship--that is, managing the resources and gifts God gave us for His Kingdom purposes. It's starting to sink in that God wants me to spend the time I do on my health.

A friend recently reassured me when I expressed doubts about how obsessed I feel about working on my weight loss. She is a physical therapist and deals with getting patients to improve their healing through movement and exercise. She also has a young adult daughter who has extremely good eating and exercise habits, following after her mom's example, I'm sure. She reassured me that often it takes an obsession to finally get into a good habit.

And that's all I'm really trying to do.

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