Friday, February 22, 2008

The Way It Is

Today's exercise will be taking Ginger and Hubby to the park to play. The sun is out and the temp is up.

A friend and I might go to the newest YMCA this evening, if she's free. We'll try everything from the treadmill to the pool to the whirlpool to the sauna, maybe even lift a few weights or try out the cycles. The new YMCA also has a snack bar, too. We might order up a juice or something.

I'm trying to remind myself that I need to have fun with the fitness too.

Last night, yoga was canceled. So, I went to a favorite clothing store to check it out, my dad gave me a gift card for last Christmas that I haven't used yet. I bought some new workout clothes that were on sale, but I tried on different styles and different sizes to see where I'm at now. I saw that I did make progress, measurement-wise. I'm a size smaller than I was when I first came to Michigan, which is four or even six sizes down from where I was last October. In other words, my tops used to be 28, now I am 22. My pant size used to be 24, now I am 20. In college, I was size 14, sometimes 12. When I married, I was size 16, sometimes 18.

Back at Washington state, I'd lose 10 or 20 pounds every summer and gain it back every winter. I loved summer. I would go running up on the canal trail for 2 or 4 miles in the early morning or at dusk. When I married and lived in California, I cooked more and stopped running. Even though I would walk miles by the ocean at Asilomar and Pacific Grove, it wasn't a cardio workout that evidently my body needs to function. My sisters are the same. They have to work out in order to keep their weight down, no matter how moderate their calorie intake is. I wonder if it is genetic. Nancy has a personal trainer, Fran visits the gym regularly and Amy has her own gym at home (her hubby gave her an ellitiptical trainer last Christmas) and they are all pretty disciplined. And Dad walks with his wife Starla 2 miles every day rain or shine. Starla and I walked together last fall when I visited and had to work hard at keeping up with her.

This morning, I did 20 minutes of yoga and showed Dennis how to do the "tree" and the "warrior"--he did pretty good even though the dog was trying to push him over. It was fun, I hope to show him how to do more. Maybe when I take another class, he'll join me.

I'm accepting that this is the way it is for me, no vacations from being active and working out. I'm glad that I married a man who does this on his own without prodding from me--in fact, he does a lot of healthy and good things without me having to nag at him. Except maybe eat more fruit. But that can be sneaked in no problem. All I have to do is start peeling an orange and he wants a slice. Or two, maybe three...

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