Monday, March 17, 2008


Carly's kittens are blind and deaf because they develop these senses slowly after birth. Even after two weeks since they've been born, their limbs involuntarily move like they have advanced Parkinson's. They can't do anything for themselves, Carly even has to help them eliminate waste.

Spiritually, I'm like those kittens--totally weak and helpless. And because of sin, I'm not even as cute as they are. They have nothing to give their momcat in return for her constant care, except a little purr that some of them developed these last few days. She hardly ever leaves them except to take a trip to her litter box and to remind us that her food bowl is empty again.

In a way, Carly's attentive devotion to her litter of kittens is a picture of God's loving and vigilant care for me. Some days, I'm more aware of His tender presence in my life than others. Some days, I'm also more aware of my sin--the lines and boundaries that I violate in big and small ways that are offenses against God.

The activity that Carly does the most with her kittens is feeding them. She lays down and makes herself totally available. And the other activity is cleaning them. Giving a squirmy kitten a bath with your tongue is no small job. God is also involved in feeding and cleaning His children. I don't know how it looks to His ability to see my soul, but I'm sure He sees me walking around with a dirty face and tousled hair. You know, like a little urchin with a runny nose and a Junior Mint stuck in her ear. And He hears my soul's stomach growling. He will not neglect me, and He knows what I need even before I do, like all good mothers who anticipate what is going on with their babies.

This is incredibly humbling, to be reminded that basically, that is what I am in my soul. A needy kid. But more than that, I'm a needy kid who trusts in her Provider, Protector and Savior with all her heart. He is my Rock, I will not be greatly shaken.

One of the many encouraging things I heard in Kevin DeYoung's sermon yesterday is that we have to remember what God does for us, not what we can do for Him. And if we have done anything, it is truly Him working through us. That He serves us--that Jesus came not to be served, but to serve and give His life a ransom for many. (Mark 10:45)

Have a great Lent celebration!

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