Monday, March 03, 2008

They're Here

Saturday night, on my way home from work at almost midnight, Dennis called me on my cell to let me know Carmelita delivered five kittens, and in the process of delivering one more. She chose the living room floor to whelp, traveling closer and closer to the heat vent. Our thermostat is usually around 65 degrees, and Carly left a trail of blood as she crept to the vent. She did everything by herself, as Den had already gone to bed around 8:30pm. Ginger woke him up with excited whining which he assumed that meant she had to go outside, real bad.

Groggy and without his glasses, he stumbled downstairs to let her out and started to hear little screechy noises, and that's when he turned on a light and saw Carly and her newborns. On the way back to the bedroom to get glasses, he heard a screechy noise and found a kitten on Ginger's bed on the floor next to our bed. Picking it up to take it to its mom, he found another newborn kitten on the hallway floor. He had passed it twice, thinking he dropped a black sock. Picking up the second stolen kitten (we have a theory that Ginger was taking them to Dennis, but who knows what was going on in a golden's mind?) he went down to the living room where Carly was pretty much handling things just fine.

Which is when he called me. When I got home, I could see that she had six kittens but it was going to take some more time to see if she had any more coming. They were all very cold and a couple weren't moving, so I asked Dennis to turn up the heat to at least 75 and get the box we prepared with towels and shredded paper for Carly's nest. I put the kittens in the nest and then lifted Carly in. After a few minutes of rubbing the ones just laying there with a towel, they started to move and cry. Dennis told me those were the ones he found upstairs. We could see from the stains on the carpet that Carly had one kitten in one place, moved to another and had the next there until finally getting to the heat source and delivering the rest. She was probably busy and couldn't move much, so Ginger scooped up the first and second ones and took them upstairs. She could have easily killed them or even eaten them, but other than being really cold, they were in good shape.

Carly had a total of six without any complications. All of them are shorthaired-- three are orange striped tabby males, one black onyx male, a similar black female and the runt of the litter is a replica of her mom--a tortoise female, her patch of carmel on the top of her head instead of on the chest like her mom. A few people have asked for them, it looks like five of them might have future homes.

Two of the orange tabbies are twins and the largest, they have big heads and chunky bodies. The black couple are slightly smaller and sleeker looking, but they look longer. The third orange tabby is skinny and cries all the time. He fights with the other kittens as they nurse, often pushing several of them away to steal their place. One of the large orange tabbies fights back, but the others just put up with it. The smallest is the tortie, she is petite but not skinny. She seems smarter than all the rest and cuddles with her sister most of the time. It'll be a couple of weeks before their eyes open, so I'm excited to finally see what they look like.

As for names, the largest of the two oranges is Vito, the other is Sonny. The black male is Vinnie, and the other black female is Gina. The skinny orange one I think should be Fredo. Yeah, I know. My kittens sound like they belong to a mob family. Well, the apples don't fall far from the tree. The next few months until they are weaned and ready to go to their new homes will be really interesting. We would like to keep one, and my heart is going towards the littlest tortie. I do have a name for her: Crema.

I will keep you posted.

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