Monday, March 24, 2008


I got bangs. Jessica cut my hair and I specifically asked for them. I haven't had bangs since I got married. That was 19 years ago.

While I had bangs, I would pull them back while looking in the mirror. It was too drastic a change for me. After we moved to California, I searched for a hair stylist to cut my hair. The guy I found gave me a whole new look, sans my bangs. I didn't say to get rid of them, but that's what he did and I liked it. Never had bangs again.

But now, I have issues with my forehead. I was wrecking my hair by not wearing a swim cap, and I swim at least four times a week. But the cap leaves a deep indentation on my forehead that takes awhile to go away after my swim. And then, the wrinkles on my forehead are beginning to deepen and look like a road map. I told Jessica that since I'm not doing botox, I would rather get bangs.

It was a shock, but Jessica did a good job. It had taken me a week to get them to behave--hair takes time to adjust. Everytime I looked in the mirror I was thinking "Yikes! Who is that?" But a couple at church asked me what year I was in college. I thought they were joking. Then I realized that they were sincere.

Hmm, I guess time machines do exist in the form of hair dye and sissors. The dye took maybe six years off. The bangs probably sent me back to my early twenties.

Not what I intended, but it is a rather nice side effect.

Yikes, now what?

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