Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wake Up, Part 2

The last post was a video of Kirk Cameron talking with KeShayne on the street about the state of his soul. The prize was a dozen home baked cappuccino cookies by little ol' me, but since no one could guess Cameron's identity, I will have to find some other way to give them away! Sorry! You snooze, you lose!

About that video--what did you think?

Could you do something like that? Talk to a complete stranger about Jesus?

Would you want to?

As for me, I have mixed feelings about it sometimes.

I know people like Cameron (including my husband), who are gifted like that in evangelism. They can go up to a stranger on the street or mall and just start asking the right questions. Dennis' best friend, Randy regularly preaches the Gospel on the street in different countries on his vacation time. He has an interpreter who is a believer, and he just goes at it. These people are talkers, and if spirit-filled, can be quite effective. They are bold, in both personality and in their gifting. Their confidence in God and His Gospel is infectious, and I really believe God uses them to turn hearts towards Him.

A few that I know are articulate and knowledgable in theology. But most, like my husband and Billy Graham, are just faithful and believing readers of the Scriptures. And they are compelled to share what they have heard from God. I learned a long time ago that Dennis is irrepressible when he feels God wants him to witness. I'm usually in praying mode, standing right beside him, with my eyes and ears open. The most interesting phenomenon is that Dennis usually picks an individual who is ready to talk about God. Rarely has he ever approached a person who turns him away. I asked him once, out of all the passers by, how did he know that this was the one who wanted a spiritual discussion? He said he didn't, and probably the person that he talked to didn't know either, but God knew.

However, there seems to be a movement in the Church against this kind of ministry. I know about how some Christians think this is just salesmanship, plain and simple. I also know about how some Christians think that community or friendships or unconditional love is enough witness. Although I agree that sharing the Gospel is should never be a sales pitch, I also think that there something special that happens when God is involved between two strangers, and the Gospel is shared. I've seen it, experienced it and although there isn't a conversion every time, God worked. And love is good, love is wonderful, but is it really loving to love someone so much that you won't risk telling them about Jesus' love?

Evangelism. It's biblical. We should support it, even if we aren't the ones doing the speaking.

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