Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bad Hair Days

I'm writing about my hair again. As you might have read before, I decided to take the plunge and color my grey/white/sometimes silver hair. It was traumatic. I was a washed out dark blonde for a month and then morphed into a more appropriate light brunette. I was going to color it yet again this week, except for a small disaster while on vacation.

While hopping out of a cab in downtown Chicago, I banged my head on the sharp edge of the taxi's door. I had lunch with Dad and Starla anyway and put ice on the wound at the restaurant, it didn't seem too bad. Later, I went to the VA Navy Hospital at Great Lakes Naval Air Station where I was staying. Just finding my way through the maze on the hospital campus to the ER door after sundown was proof enough that I was okay, I guess. But I was relieved to be told that a concussion was ruled out and a pain reliever was prescribed. I've had a bump, a cut and a headache for about eight days since then. Putting a bunch of hair dye on it didn't seem like such a great idea. So along with a bump on my head, my very grey roots are showing and there's nothing I can do about it for awhile at least.

When I'm ready, I'm looking forward to coloring my hair a deep chocolate color. It is a little radical than what I'm doing now. Having it in the range I'm at now disguises the resistant greys, but with a darker color, those hairs will be more obvious. So, yes, I'm having second thoughts. The alternative would be having it done professionally, but it is expensive. Something to think about for a few more bad hair days.

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