Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Earthly Concerns

One struggle I have is remembering what is important sometimes to me isn't important to God.

And I shudder to think that what God deems important I forget about.

He really doesn't care about the color of my hair, for instance. Or whether my shoes match my outfit. Or what I'm cooking for dinner tonight. Or how I'm going to find homes for three or four kittens. The last time I dusted the blinds. Or my plans for my garden. These things can easily burn up a lot of my brain cells but I have to remember that these are not eternal concerns.

I can make a long list about what I think about a lot which doesn't mean a lot in heaven. But I need to filter out the unneccessary stuff with the question "What difference will this make a million years from now?". Some things will actually matter. Most will not.

So, as my day is made up with a thousand trivial things like, cleaning the litter box, I'm glad my life is not the sum of them.

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