Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kitten Time

From the top: Vito, Vinnie and Gina.

Left to right: Gina, Vito and Vinnie.

Vinnie a.k.a. "Batman" in his "batcave".

Left to right: Fredo, Sonny and Crema

The kittens are still small and their mother is still nursing them. Despite their youth, they are jumping at least five times their own height. I should have known, since their momcat is an accomplished leaper. But it makes it hard to keep them corraled in our spare room, and I can only guess what this will mean as they get older. They are ten weeks old, and I don't want to adopt them out until they are at least 12 weeks old.

I've set aside money for vet bills, they just had their first round of shots last week, and are now officially de-wormed. Their next round of shots are next week, and they won't be neutered/spayed until June. Carly will be spayed in a few weeks, after she is done nursing. She doesn't nurse as often, but they still depend on her at least once daily.

Crema has turned out to be the most affectionate, she comes up to me and lays a paw softly on my arm and that's her signal that she wants to be petted. The rest just want to climb up the leg of my jeans and fight with my shoes. On occasion, I've had Sonny and Vito purring in my arms as they took a nap, but it doesn't happen often. This morning, after I fed them, about four of them jumped up to the window sill and huddled together as they groomed themselves and each other. Vinnie is still a loner and prefers eating by himself instead with everyone else around their dinner plate. Fredo is the biter, and although he behaved at the vet's office, I constantly have to watch out for him. I don't understand why he's so agressive-his twin brother, Vito, has never attempted to bite me and he's bigger. None of the others bite either.

I've decided to take Fredo out of the room to be with me by himself, and he has never bitten me during those times. So I'm wondering if it is his way of being playful with the other kittens and then also with me. I've seen Carly discipline the other kittens if they get too rough, but she doesn't intervene with him that I've seen.

All cats are not alike. They do have their own personalities and temperments.

Crema--tortoiseshell female; whines, gets special attention from her mama and generally acts like a princess--delicate, petite and sweet.

Gina--black female; ambitious jumper, fierce in playfights with her brothers and will always get her way. Sleek, slender and persistent.

Vito--orange shorthair male; the biggest of all the kittens, patient, and possesses a regal bearing--noble, gentle but will not be messed with.

Sonny--orange longhair male; fluffy, easy going and affable. He is the one most likely get himself stuck somewhere and generally is the clown of the bunch. Not the brightest.

Fredo--orange shorthair male; the second biggest, most creative escapee--he will hide in places that make him hard to find for hours. Insecure, impatient but affectionate when handled correctly.

Vinnie, a.k.a. "Batman"--black shorthair male; shy, gentle and aloof. But he stays close to his mother, seems like a sensitive guy.

From the top, clockwise: Gina, Sonny, Fredo, Vinnie, Vito. Crema is in the basket--they are all sitting on her and she's screaming loudly for them all to please get off. As usual, they are all acting like they don't know what the heck she's talking about.

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